Nexon to buy EA?

The rumor of the week is involving EA and the possibility that Nexon is looking to possibly buy them up. Nexon might not be the most well-known game company here in North America, but in 2011 they had 1.12 Billion dollars in revenue (they've also got a bunch of other subsidiaries). EA had revenues of 3.5 Billion last year so its unknown if a merger would even be possible but you never know. IGN has the full story.

Free-to-play developer/publisher Nexon could be looking to buy Electronic Arts. According to Bloomberg, which picked up on the news from a Korean newspaper, Nexon "has contacted EA about making an offer." No word on whether this would see EA absorbed or merged.

EA's shares are, as of press time, up almost six percent following the alleged approach, which is the highest they've been in six weeks.