Apple Predictions

Forbes has put up an interesting article on the state of Apple after Steve Jobs. It's pretty tough to argue that Apple isn't doing very well right now but George Colony of analysis firm Forrester is forecasting that without Jobs at the helm Apple could be headed for rocky times and he thinks in the next few years they will begin to coast and then start to decelerate. It's an interesting article and worthy of a read.

All things considered, Apple had a very successful financial quarter. The Cupertino giant sold 35.1 million iPhones, 11.8 million iPads, 7.7 million iPods and 4 million Macs. In all, that’s a total of 58.6 million devices sold over the quarter, which works out at some 645,000 sold every day.

Given all this, it might seem a rather odd time to start predict the demise of the company. But that’s exactly what George Colony, CEO of research and analysis firm Forrester, is predicting. According to Colony, the catalyst for this fall from grace is something that couldn’t be helped or avoided — Steve Jobs‘ death.