15 Things Google Got Blamed For

Over the past couple years Google has been blamed by a bunch of other companies and people for being a mean big company. Complex.com has taken a look at some of the more ridiculous claims people have made against Google that really wasn't their fault, yet they still got blamed publicly.

When you're a billion-dollar empire, it's only a matter of time before you become public enemy No. 1. Take Google for example. Ever since the search leader emerged as a tech giant, it's been under heavy fire for its revolutionary online products and technologies, serving as a scapegoat for a number of bad incidents that have transpired across the globe. It got to the point that even former Google CEO Eric Schmidt admitted that the company had become accustomed to taking the blame for everything. Terrorist attacks, market share drops, child pornography, and stolen property—you name it, Google's been accused of it. Today news broke that the Federal Communication Commission announced that it has concluded its investigation into Google's interception of user data from WiFi networks via its Street View cars, meaning it's no longer being blamed for one thing for which it was previously blamed. If only it was always this lucky. Here’s a look at The 15 Most Ridiculous Things Blamed On Google.