Can the Wii U Survive it's Second E3?

Nintendo has been struggling.  Financially, they've had a pretty hard time of things, but with E3 coming - they really need to get their game in shape.  They need several things in order to make the Wii U successful and after the way they've dropped hardware specs, they need it really bad.  One thing that will make or break the platform is 3rd Party Support.  Without some great exclusive titles, the Wii U could fail - and so could Nintendo.  Oh yeah, and the 3DS needs a bit of help too.  IGN has more details.

What it needs now is strong, sustainable and unique support from third parties. Resident Evil Revelations should just be the beginning of this kind of content, not the sole example. Furthermore, Nintendo needs to attract third parties outside of Japan. The support from companies like Konami, Square and Capcom has truly been remarkable, but Nintendo also needs the type of content that can only come from EA, Activision and Rockstar.