Here comes DDR4 Memory

Move over DDR3 memory, DDR4 is coming to town. Samples of DDR4 Memory are hitting the field with Micron being the latest to join other manufacturers this week by announcing fully functioning DDR4 samples. The final standards for DDR4 are expected to be finalized this summer so one could guess that later on in the year we could see DDR4 systems on the market. There are some good advancements that DDR4 will offer (faster speeds, less power usage) but there might also be some challenges that it will have to overcome. Arstechnica has the full story and a ton of details over here.

 There isn't even an official standard for DDR4, the next generation of computer memory technology. But memory manufacturers are already shipping samples of the first DDR4 memory units, and preparing to produce them en masse. On May 7, Micron joined the field, announcing it had released its first fully functioning DDR4 memory product for testing.