Origin understands customers

Origin (which is owned by EA) has come out and said that they aren't going to be copying Steam's business model anytime soon of offering games at deeply discounted prices because "it cheapens the intellectual property". Apparently Origin understands what customers want and they want a premium experience which apparently Origin will be offering, which is good news for people who like to spend more money. Eurogamer takes a look at the Origin vs. Steam battle that has been going for a while now.

Origin boss David DeMartini toldGamesindustry International that random deep-discounting of games "cheapens" IP, and promised not to copy the practice.

"We won't be doing that," he said, bluntly. "Obviously they think it's the right thing to do after a certain amount of time. I just think it cheapens your intellectual property.

"I know both sides of it, I understand it. If you want to sell a whole bunch of units, that is certainly a way to do that, to sell a whole bunch of stuff at a low price. The game makers work incredibly hard to make this intellectual property, and we're not trying to be Target. We're trying to be Nordstrom.