FBI did not steal Megaupload evidence

In the ongoing Megaupload vs. Everyone saga the FBI are now taking some heat and being accused of stealing Megaupload evidence. Don't worry though, the FBI has come back and said its not stealing because it was "digital" and therefore its not covered by relevant legislation. Isn't stealing of "digital" content the whole reason Megaupload is in this pickle already? TorrentFreak has the story.

Dotcom’s lawyer Mr. Akel argues that the FBI illegally copied data from his computers, to send it to the U.S.

“The first [copies] were sent without the New Zealand Police having any say in it whatsoever,”he said quoted by Stuff.

“If [they] went offshore without the consent of the attorney-general, it was an illegal act.”

However, according to Crown’s lawyer, no harm was done because the evidence in question is “not physical” and therefore not covered by the relevant legislation.