Is Facebook boring?

Has Facebook become boring? Well, according to a new poll conducted it has found that 34% of Facebook users have spent less time on the site than in the previous 6 months. 40% of the people polled still said they used the site on a daily basis. Also interesting to note is the fact that 80% of respondents said they'd never bought a product as a result of ads or comments on Facebook which probably isn't what Facebook's advertisers want to hear. CNET has more details on this survey over here.

Do you spend less time on Facebook than you did six months ago? If so, you're not alone.

A recent survey of Facebook users found that 34 percent of them spend less time on the sitethan they did half a year ago. Why the cold shoulder?

Those among the 34 percent described Facebook as "boring," "not relevant," or "not useful." Concerns over privacy ranked third on the list.