Megaupload users can have their files back

After being shutdown for almost half a year, Megaupload users might finally be able to get their legitimate files back with a couple stipulations. Obviously this is good news for the people who used Megaupload for legitimate purposes, however, one still has to ask wonder how someone could upload everything to a site a keep no backups, especially if it was important enough to file a lawsuit over. TorrentFreak has the story.

Almost half a year has passed since Megaupload’s servers were raided by the U.S. Government, and still there is no agreement on how former users can retrieve their files. Previously the authorities and MPAA have objected against such a mass retrieval, but in a filing at the court today the movie industry changed its tone. The MPAA states that users can have their files back as long as access to copyrighted files is blocked.