Lenovo Ditches Dongles

Lenovo feels your pain when it comes to signing up for long-term contracts or fussing with USB 3G sticks, MiFi devices and the like and is now offering a contract-free solution called Lenovo Mobile Access.  There a few options that include quick email checking, day passes and monthly passes as well.  It's worth a look if you've got a 3G equipped Lenovo laptop.

Designed to fit the needs of both individual and "prosumer" customers, Lenovo Mobile Access delivers broadband connectivity that's available anytime, anywhere yet users pay only for the access they need. Flexible, no-contract payment options let casual users buy a "Time Pass" for as little as USD 1.95 for 30 minutes or USD 8.95 for one day1-perfect to quickly sync email or ensure online access during travel. Users with more frequent connectivity requirements, or who work with large media files can purchase monthly plans with 2GB or 6GB of data access, along with the option for automatic monthly renewal.