Android Sales are Up

Apple only has product releases every few months, but Android devices are always hitting the shelves.  According to the latest stats, Android is not up to 900,000 activations a day! That includes tablets as well as phones according to Engadget.  Still, this is pretty amazing and it means I'll have more writing to do for App Pick of the Week!

It's been awhile since we learned how many unique Android devices were switching on every day; the last time was at Mobile World Congress, when Google's senior mobile VP Andy Rubin confirmed 850,000 activations a day just as we were fruitlessly practicing our Catalan. He's now chiming in with word that the daily rate is up to 900,000 cellular-enabled phones and tablets as of June.


It wouldn't surprise me if they make the Guinness Book for the most devices sold or activated in 2012.