WWDC Action + Keynote

Apple's 2012 WWDC is now in the history books and if you're an Apple fan - or just a tech junkie, you may have heard that it was a pretty flat show.  No new iPhone was announced and even the iOS 6 software is months away.  They showed a few cool features, but all of it has been and is being done with Android already.  This release is all about catching up.

Their new Macbook Pro however is pretty awesome - at least the one with the Retina display that comes in boasting 2880x1800 resolution.  I would take one and probably install Ubuntu and Win8 on it.

If you missed the keynote, you can actually go watch it over here, but I'm afraid I gave you most of the spoilers.  Oh, and maps.

We talked about the WWDC pretty extensively in episode #163 of Weekly Tech Update.  Check it out if you want all the details.