Retina MacBook Pro Teardown

The new retina MacBook Pro was announced this week and it was only a matter of time before someone tore it apart to see whats inside. Unfortunately if you are the kinda person who likes to be able to upgrade your memory, or replace your hard drive, you aren't going to be happy to find out that there are virtually no user-replaceable parts inside the new MacBook Pro and as far as upgrades in general go you are going to be severely limited. SlashGear has all the details and the pictures of what is inside of Apple's newest creation.

Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display has gone through the traditional gadget rite of passage, the ceremonial teardown, and it’s clear that a compact form-factor demands a compromise in repairability. In fact, iFixit says, it’s incredibly difficult to open up and access the components inside, being awarded the worst possible score for the potential for user-repair. The struggle begins from the outset, with Apple’s proprietary pentalobe screws making an appearance for the first time on a MacBook (and demanding a special driver), and continues all the way through.