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It's that time of year as things wind down for many people as the summer kicks into high gear.  For those that are still in exam mode, we have an app for you today.  If you are writing essays, position papers, your thesis or need help with reading comprehension - or even help defining math terms like "isosceles" - this App is for you.  Even if you are just writing up a review, devotional, sermon or letter - this App can come in handy.  Most of us come across words on a daily basis; it may not just be only for when we write, but when we read, research or in conversation with others there are some words we don’t always know the meaning for.  Not many people carry a big ol’ dictionary in their pocket, but we're lucky enough to have a dictionary app from

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The App is a handy and obviously easy to carry around.  It's free if you want to view ads but there is a paid version if you don't.  After a bit of looking, I see that it is also available for Apple as well.  The app is pretty simple and straight forward to use.  On your Android device you can either talk or type your word into the search box.  It's also worth noting that you can easily switch between a dictionary and a thesaurus taken from the website.



You can favorite words you look up, and the app even keeps track of recent words that were looked up for future use again.  The daily button is interesting as it gives you a word of the day, Spanish word of the day and some questions to look up and research!  The App shows also a trend or words that are being looked up.  So if ever you need to know what flatulence means, check it out with

Look up some words here!

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