Apple's biggest enemy

Last week on Weekly Tech Update we talked about how Apple had filed a lawsuit against Samsung in an attempt to get the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIII blocked from being released in the US. That lawsuit has been delayed now which is a major setback for Apple and now has Apple scrambling to try and get their competition shut down. Reuters has posted up an interesting article that wonders if legal delays like this one might be Apple biggest enemy rather than their actual competitors.

Last Thursday, Judge Richard Posner in Chicago federal court canceled Apple's long-awaited trial against Google Inc's Motorola Mobility division, which makes devices powered by the Internet search company's Android mobile operating system. The trial had been set to start this week.

Then in an order late on Monday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, effectively dashed Apple's hopes of stopping the launch of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's new Galaxy S III smartphone, which also runs on Android. Koh had said Apple's push to get a court order blocking the June 21 launch would overload her calendar, given Apple's high-stakes trial over other Samsung devices set for July that she is overseeing.