10 biggest Tech IPO fails of all time

It's been a while since we posted up any Facebook news, and since its a slow news day why not put up a link to Complex's list of the "Top 10 Tech IPO fails of all time". It's always fun to laugh at companies that had a bad idea and lost a huge amount of money as a result, just as long as you weren't an investor who took a huge kicking.

It’s been over three weeks since Facebook launched its $16 billion IPO, and as you’ve heard by now, it’s belly flopping on the NASDAQ. Wall Street and Silicon Valley VCs are in an uproar over the company's 30-percent stock decline and $25 share value, with some shareholders already looking to recoup their loses by suing CEO Mark Zuckerberg for withholding info on the company’s true value during its public outing. Needless to say, shit's getting real. But even after a disastrous start on the stock market, it's premature to label Facebook’s IPO one of the biggest bombs of all time, especially in comparison to some of history’s worst tech IPO blunders