Samsung NX200 20.3MP ILC Camera - Dynamic Range and Image Stabilization

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Samsung NX200 20.3MP ILC Camera
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Image Quality and Noise - JPEG
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Dynamic Range and Image Stabilization
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Dynamic Range:

A good sensor not only has to have low noise, but also be able to capture a wide range of light levels. Using its JPEG processing engine this will probably not be an issue as the NX200 does exhibit a tolerable level of shadow and highlight details. However it does tend to clip to white fairly quickly when presented with bright highlights.

 Clip to White

Usually I expect a headroom of about 1EV in RAW files, however even though I was able to recover some detail up to -1 EV it was less than I would have expected. Perhaps Samsung is not recording as much information in their RAW files as they should, or the sensor is pushed a bit harder than it should. 

Here is what happened when trying to correct an overexposed area in Lightroom 4.1. Clipping is in red.

Regular Exposure
-1 EV Corrected in RAW


Image Stabilization:

In the NX200 image stabilization is provided by the lens. This helps to keep complexity out of the camera body but if you have a pancake lens it probably won't come with OIS. OIS is very helpful for people who don't drink coffee.  You can either use OIS or caffeine. Even for those with steady hands this will allow you to shoot at lower ISOs and thus have cleaner images.  Of course OIS doesn't help if your subject is moving.

1/20 OIS
1/20 OIS
1/20 NOIS
1/20 No OIS
1/5 OIS
1/5 OIS
1/5 NOIS
1/5 No OIS


Its pretty clear that the OIS is quite effective.  While not perfect it should let you shoot 2-3 stops slower than you usually would. The OIS can be configured to activate only when the shutter is pressed or to just leave it on all the time.  You will probably want to stick with the former as leaving it active all the time eats up the battery.