Xbox 720 Leak

It appears that the Xbox 720 has sprung a bit of a leak, and if you believe everything you hear, the Wii U will die a fast and painful death.  The next Xbox is said to have Blu-Ray support, a fast x86 processor for new games as well as some PPC compenent for backwards compatibility.  If they can pull of what they claim for the rumored $299 price tag - with backwards compatibility, this will be the ultimate box for your TV room.  It will do everything that a guy and gal could want.  TechCrunch has more details and some of the 56 page document.

Features for the next Xbox, according to the document, will include native Blu- ray playback, full support for HD and 3-D, and beefed up hardware (graphics and processor) under the hood. Other bits and pieces from the doc include PVR functionality, a low power mode setting during media playback and what amounts to an always-on mode. Gates did say years ago that the Xbox would eventually become the nerve center for any living room.