The ongoing Google vs. Oracle saga

Over the past few months the Google vs. Oracle lawsuit has made for some interesting stories. Yesterday Oracle accepted the $0 worth of damages that was awarded to them which might look like the end of the case, however, Oracle is just doing this going they can get on with filing an appeal which could bring parts of the the case back in front of a judge again. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out, but I'm sure Google is hoping this is over and they don't have to pay. Arstechnica has more details on this never ending lawsuit.

Oracle has agreed to accept zero dollars worth of damages from Google, three weeks after losing the major portions of the case in which Oracle accused Google of violating Java patents and copyrights in Android.

After one partial victory on the issue of whether Google infringed copyrights, Oracle lost its argument that Google violated patents. Oracle then lost a ruling that held that the structure of the Java APIs asserted by the company couldn't be copyrighted at all. The rulings left Oracle little room except to appeal, and today in court the two sides agreed to a damages total of "zero." That's only a few billion less than Oracle originally sought.