New iPhone port to lock out unlicensed accessories

The next version of the iPhone will be featuring a new, smaller connector on the bottom of the phone, which will allow iPhone accessories to have a chip at each end of the cable and block 3rd party companies from making accessories. For users who buy all their accessories from Apple directly this won't have much of an impact, however, if you are hoping to pick up a cheap dock, charging cable, etc, that might be a bit tougher. Slashgear has the story.

 Rumors of a smaller dock connector being utilized on the next iPhone have been circling the internet for a while, and TechCrunch yesterday confirmed with three independent manufacturers that a new 19-pin port will definitely be used. That would render a whole host of accessories using the 30-pin connector obsolete, but Robert Scoble has posted some insight as to why Apple will be making the move to a smaller connector.