Windows Phone 8: Coming this Fall

Microsoft has been talking non-stop about their Fall release of Windows 8 but now they've announced that they will also be releasing Windows Phone 8 this Fall as well. This makes sense as the whole concept behind Windows 8 is that it will work on multiple platforms so the addition of Windows Phone 8 isn't too surprising. Windows Phone 8 will feature updated multi-core processors, higher resolution screens, and a bunch of new features that none of the current Windows Phone models can't support. It will be interesting to see how this release goes as they've got some stiff competition in the smartphone market. Engadget has all the details.

 Microsoft has finally and officially removed the wraps from the OS formerly known as Apollo. It's now just Windows Phone 8 and, at their "sneak peek" event we're learning a good bit about that OS, and some of the great new hardware support that it offers. But, there's one thing we want to make clear right away: if you're currently holding a Windows Phone device you won't be getting a taste of this action. Well, not unless you buy a new phone, that is. That back and forth about upgrade paths has been proven to be incorrect, as the hardware requirements for WP8 preclude its running on any current WP device -- even that hot blue Lumia 900 you got for a steal.