JetMaster Jr.

Not to be confused with JetMaster Sr., Extreme Overclocking takes a look at the JetMaster Jr. ATX Case.  If you're a fan of funky-looking flashy cases, you'll want to take a look at this unit, as the front is almost one-of-a-kind.  Not a bad looking case really, but a little on the small side at 17" for my taste.  It's case goodness over here.

"The most distinctive feature of the JetMaster Jr. is the "Jet Engine" look on the front of the case, a 120mm fan w/blue LEDs is mounted directly behind the intake to give it effect and also cool the system. The large acrylic side window allows for a clear view of the inside of the case, and it has an 80mm fan mounted (w/blue LEDs) in it for extra cooling. Overall, the case is solid steel construction with lots of cooling potential."