Samsung HMX-QF20 Wi-Fi Enabled HD Camcorder - Bundle and Specs

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By all accounts the lens and bundle are very good for a camera of this price range and the 20x optical zoom is really ample for most situations.  The HMX-QF20 Camcorder uses a 1250mAh Lithium Ion battery and stores video on the afore-mentioned SD card - located in the bottom with the battery.  This slot supports and SDHC cards and accepted an 8GB SDHC card with no issues.  Power is toggled on by opening the screen on the side of the camera.




What I would like to see is companies including the compatible HDMI cables for their devices as running full HD video from this camera to your TV via the composite cable looks horrible.  Of course, there is always the WiFi feature...


We've pulled some of the features and specifications of the HMX-QF20 camcorder from Samsung's site and posted them here for you convenience.  For all of the features and specs, please visit their site.  Below are just a few of the cool details. 


Wi-Fi Connectivity
No more searching for cables. With Built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can share every special moment on the move. Post videos on to YouTube. Upload your latest photograph to PicasaTM, or share both photos and videos through FacebookTM- and wait for the rave reviews to come in. Use the TV Link feature to wirelessly display your photos / videos on a large TV screen. With a click of the Auto Backup feature, save images to your PC without connecting the camcorder to a computer - it is that easy.

Switch Grip II
One thing lefties and righties can agree on the streamlined and compact QF20 with Switch Grip II was made for both. Because no matter in which hand it’s held, the camcorder’s LCD screen will adjust to ensure that the picture is shown right-side up. More comfortable shooting while holding the camcorder vertically? Good news: you can rotate the LCD screen 90º, and the image will remain right-side up. Shooting video from difficult positions has never been easier.

My Clip
Play back your favorite moments of a night out with friends or your hike through the woods — without having to waste time fast-forwarding or rewinding. The My Clip feature allows you to tag any scene in your video, so you can instantly relive the most hilarious bits or amazing sights over and over again — with no additional editing. 

OIS Duo +
With OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) Duo +, you can capture clear and steady video, even if you have a case of shaky hands. The QF20 combines a built-in OIS with digital image stabilization technology to prevent bumps, jolts, and shivers from blurring image quality. OIS Duo Plus also compensates for body movement that can occur while you’re moving around, or for the movement of the digital zoom.

Full Specs:

We've pulled the full specs from Samsung's site and reposted them here for your convenience.



On the next page we'll take a look at the menus and setup of this camera before we jump into testing.