Samsung HMX-QF20 Wi-Fi Enabled HD Camcorder - Still Camera and HD Testing

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Testing the Digital Still Camera:

Most people who purchase this camcorder will do so because of the 1920x1080i video resolution and attractive price tage, but with a 5.1MP CMOS sensor it should perform quite well as a digital camera.  The sensor is not super high quality and this unit won't replace your current SLR, but the camera is worth looking at and using on a holiday.  Because it packs in a decent camera, the Samsung HMX-QF20 can save you the hassle of packing a video camera as well as a still camera with you - provided you have good enough light.

I took a few pictures in different situations with the camera running on its automatic mode.  Better results may be obtained through tweaking, but time constraints demanded that we take some simple photographs without setting up anything too elaborate.

Photo Sample
Click for full resolution image
Photo Sample 2
Click for full resolution image


When viewing these images at full-resolution, you can quickly see the chromatic aberration and poor image quality - but for viewing on the web, or for quick sharing.  It works good.  I've included a few more pictures that I uploaded directly to PicasaYou can find them here.  Indoors, the images are grainy.  I'm surprised at the macro shot of the bottle top and how clear it is - without blurring.  Clearly Optical Image Stabilization is doing it's thing.

While the camera isn't spectacular, it certainly does the job well enough  if there is enough light.  You could print out 4x6 glossy photos of your favorite person, place or thing.  Overall, it's a small sensor that is not optimized for still image capture, but it can - provided the conditions are great.


Testing the Video Camera - High Definition:

Different resolutions are available including 1920x1080i and 1280x720p.  My current TV does 1920x1080p and we will focus on maximum quality in this review.  Because the video is simply H.264 we were able to easily play back the files on our computer using any standard media player.  The image below is a screen capture that I took while playing the video in Windows Media Player.  It has been compressed slightly but still maintain most of its original quality.

Vid Capture  

Screen Capture of Video


Even though the video is shot at 1080i, you can see no visible interlacing when played back on my PC.

Below is a YouTube clip of some video I shot on a bright sunny day and you can see that even here, there is some noise and artifacting in the video.  It's not bad by all means, but it's not a "pro-sumer" camcorder for sure.