Samsung HMX-QF20 Wi-Fi Enabled HD Camcorder - Final Thoughts

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Final Thoughts:

The Samsung HMX-QF20 camcorder was a bit of a surprise.  First of all, the camcorder is very small and the Switch Grip II idea is nice - although it doesn't always work and the video ends up upside down.  While the still image function is passable - it barely makes the cut and if you want to print pictures larger than 4x6 or view them at full resolution, you will want to bring along a dedicated camera.  What makes this unit special is integrated WiFi features.  I love the idea of the Auto Backup, Social sharing and TV playback.  The downside to the wireless aspect is the range (or lack thereof) with the camera.  When connected to a solid wireless network a couple of walls away - the playback buffered occasionally and it was sluggish.

Like most other cameras, quality degrades as you put it in lower light situations and even with the Super C. Nite enabled, recording video in a dark room is horribly grainy.  On the other hand, I took it to a spring concert and recorded a few clips from the opposite end of the stadium and the video quality was not too bad considering.


Possibly a downside is that there is no internal memory.  With the price of SD cards being so cheap, this may not be much of a downside though as it keeps the overall cost of the unit very reasonable.  It would be nice if Samsung threw in a generic 8GB card at the very least.


  • Small Size
  • HD 1920x1080i and 1280x720p
  • 5.1MP CMOS Sensor
  • Good Video Image Quality
  • Flash Storage Can Survive Shaking
  • Touch Screen LCD For Navigation
  • Nice Fast Lens
  • Sub $300
  • Interesting and fun time lapse functions




  • Noise and chromatic aberration in photos
  • No microphone input
  • No internal memory
  • Switch Grip II doesn't always switch the grip
  • Microphone doesn't always level well and there is clipping at times
  • Not full 1080p
  • Image quality seems a little flat overall
  • WiFi range/performance falls a bit short




Even with the decent list of "Pros" some of the quality and performance issues of the camera keep it from scoring as a recommended product.  The truth is that for the price, it's not a bad buy at all, but we have come to expect a little more quality from a dedicated HD video camera.  There are a few improvements that would help this sub-$300 to be absolutely great.  If you can live with what we've said though, I believe that many people would be happy with it for a long time.