PC Failure Analysis

Ever wondered what happens when you decide to submit a crash report in Windows?  It gets filed away over at Microsoft and they analyze it and figure out why.  Many times it is software, but more often than you'd think, hardware glitching can be to blame.  What causes this?  How likely are machines to crash again?  Is overclocking, brand, laptops or desktops more likely to fail?  If you've got the time, the PDF file over at Microsoft Research is a great source of information.

For example, machines with at least 30 days of accumulated CPU time over an 8 month period had a 1 in 190 chance of crashing due to a CPU subsystem fault. Further, machines that crashed once had a probability of 1 in 3.3 of crashing a second time. Our study examines failures due to faults within the CPU, DRAMand disk subsystems.