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Product(s): Crucial Adrenaline SSD Cache Drive
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So here’s the scenario: Your computer needs an upgrade. You start thinking that an SSD will give you the best bang for your buck performance-wise but you don’t want to shell out a bunch of money to get one big enough to hold all of your data.

Most of the time this scenario results in you buying a 60GB SSD (or something in that price range) and putting your OS and important program on it and then having the rest of the data on a SATA/IDE HDD. This scenario usually works really great right up until the time that you realize that your 60GB SSD is full and you now have to decide what programs you can uninstall in order to make room for a new program to be installed.

The idea behind the Crucial Adrenaline drive is to basically automate this process and let the Adrenaline caching SSD automatically decide what programs and files you are using most frequently and automatically move them onto the caching SSD for a nice performance increase. The concept behind the Adrenaline drive is to give you SSD performance without having to reinstall windows, all you have to do is plug in the drive, install the software, and let the Crucial Adrenaline drive work its magic in the background.

In our review we will take the Adrenaline drive from Crucial for a test run and see if it really works like they claim.


First Impressions:

So before we start, I will point out the obvious, there is no size listed on the packaging of this drive. Internally the Adrenaline is actually a 64GB SSD, however, in order to work its magic the system reserves some space and in the end you actually end up with 50GB of space that your system will be able to use for caching.

When we were first shown this drive before it was released, we asked if there were plans to release a bigger version. The folks at Crucial claim that this is the "most efficient" size choice and anything bigger would basically be a waste of space because your system wouldn't be able to fully utilize it anyways.


Crucial Adrenaline - Box (Front)
Crucial Adrenaline - Box (Inside)


So as you can see in the pictures above and below, there really isn't much in the box when it comes to this drive. You basically get the drive, a cable and a tray to mount it in, that's all. 


Crucial Adrenaline - Top View
Crucial Adrenaline - Accessories

There we go, that's the Adrenaline drive. In the next section we'll look at the features a bit more then move onto testing.