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Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache Final Thoughts:

The concept behind the Crucial Adrenaline drive is great, install the drive and the software, then sit back and watch the performance increase as the Crucial Adrenaline monitors which files and programs you use most and moves then onto the Adrenaline SSD Caching drive automatically to help increase you overall system performance.

For our testing we used a pretty old system we had kicking around the lab, a first generation Intel Core i7 CPU and a 250GB SATA Hard Drive. This is definitely not the fastest system out there, but typical of what a 2-3 year old gaming/enthusiast system might look like and a prime candidate for a bit of an upgrade.

Installation of the Crucial Adrenaline drive and software is simple. After plugging in the drive and then installing the software we were up and running with zero problems. The software is pretty simple and isn’t going to be popping up on you constantly telling what a great job it’s doing, in fact, I actually had to open up the window a few times to make sure it was actually running.

Performance-wise I’d say it was right around where I was expecting. Crucial isn’t claiming that it will beat a system that is running only on a SSD, they claim performance is going to be somewhere between where a regular hard drive system and an SSD only system would be and in our testing that’s what we found. One of the biggest increases we saw was in our boot time for Windows, when we started out our system was taking 80 seconds to boot up to Windows, after a couple reboots we saw this number drop down to around 55 seconds. While the performance didn’t make our 2-3 year old system a powerhouse again, it did provide us with a noticeable increase in performance with pretty much zero effort on our part.

Obviously the Crucial Adrenaline drive isn’t going to be for everyone. For the same price you can go out and buy an SSD and install your OS and important applications on the SSD and use a bigger traditional HDD for your data and see a performance increase over what the Crucial Adrenaline drive offers. However, for someone who doesn’t want to have to worry about what programs to install on the SSD, and which ones are better to go onto the bigger HDD the Crucial Adrenaline is a great solution. Even nicer that the fact that it automatically decides which data to put on which drive (depending on how often you use it), is the fact that this can be installed very easily without having to reinstall Windows. Installation literally takes 5 minutes.   

At the end of the day the Crucial Adrenaline drive did exactly what it said it would do, we saw a noticeable performance increase on an older system and we were able to achieve those results with very little effort. The ease of installation and the ease of use of the Crucial Adrenaline drive is probably the biggest selling features. After installation of this product you can literally sit back and forget about it and let it do its magic in the background. While this product isn’t for everyone, for the person who wants a cheap and easy upgrade to an aging computer, the Crucial Adrenaline caching SSD is a great choice. Thanks to these facts we’ve awarded the Crucial Adrenaline our “Editor’s Choice – Silver” award.



  • Easy Setup
  • Noticeably Faster
  • Performs as Advertised



  • Nothing Major


I'd like to thank Crucial for sending us their Adrenaline drive. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.