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Happy Canada to all of you Canadian Android fans that recently celebrated independence, and Happy 4th of July to you American Androiders!  Despite the different days of independence here’s an app that will take you back a few years! Remember when you played the original Nintendo NES - the one that came with the large cartridges?  Perhaps you played a lot of old-school Mario or even Duck Hunt? I don’t think I was around when they first came out, but I do remember picking one up at a yard sale as a kid. It came with a Mario game and Duck Hunt!  Now it’s on Android in the Google Play store!

Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt
 Duck Hunt Duck Hunt


If your remember those NES days you may remember Duck Hunt and that orange gun and the cross hairs that appeared on the screen.  The Android Duck Hunt app doesn’t come with the orange shotgun but everything else is the same as far as game play.  You can pick between two ducks or one duck to shoot at.


To play, simply touching the screen to shoot at the ducks as they fly up at random spots.  Yes, it even has that goofy hound dog that will laugh at you if you miss as well it will pick up your dead ducks for you.  You get three shots to hit the ducks before they fly away.  If you miss, the dog will laugh and you may hang your head in embarrassment.  A duck meter shows you ducks that you’ve shot, and each round they should get faster and faster and more random when they come up.  The downside is the ads in the top corner, but it’s a good game that takes you back a few years!

In the words of Elmer Fudd “Be very very quiet” ‘cause it’s Duck Hunting season!

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