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As I stated before, using the movie preset on the control unit really makes it feel like you are in a movie theater. In my test of the movie preset, I watched the movie Contraband.  The sound directionality is perfect and most of the levels are very good. However, I did feel that even though I had the sub level slide all the way up it just seemed like the bass levels were a little low for stock bass. I was able to fix the problem by increasing the bass balance in my system’s sound preferences. This really gave it that “in the movie theater” feel that I strive to get when I watch movies.

With each test I reset my system levels back to default before doing the next test and so my next tests were to test out some music, and see how it performed in movie mode.

The first song I tested was Bass Cannon by Flux Pavilion in order to see how the bass levels came out. Like the movie I watched, I had to increase the bass balance of my system’s settings. The next song I tested was Dirty Money featuring Skylar Grey – Coming Home. Along with the other tests I had to increase the bass balance in my system to get the desired bass I was looking for. The last song I tested was Spirit in The Sky by Norman Greenbaum. With this song, it sounded great without having to make any adjustments to my sound settings. This may be due to the fact that I knew how much bass to expect from each particular song and with rock songs there is not a huge emphasis on bass as there is with the genres of the other songs that I tested.

My last and final test was testing out the game preset while playing a game. The game I chose to test this with was Call of Duty: Black Ops. The directionality of where sounds were coming from, were pinpoint and really helped me in finding out where my enemies were. Though like the other tests it just seems like maybe something was missing from sub level. Although it was not much in this case and more like a touch of something was missing, they still performed really well. Being able to hear where enemies are coming from or which direction they are shooting from is very important in gaming and this headset and its surround sound have done an amazing job at achieving that.

Final Thoughts:

As we look back over this gaming headset, there are a lot of talking points that we can take away from it. Audio quality, as you would expect, is extremely good with the only downside in my opinion that it lacked a little in stock bass however that was remediable by adjusting my systems bass settings. The front and rear speakers along with the virtualized center speaker in each ear cup really allowed you hear some pinpoint directionality with excellent quality. The movie profile for watching movies and listening to music is also top quality. Feeling like you are in a movie theater is definitely an awesome experience while using this headset.

The people over at Roccat definitely hit the ball out of the ball park with this headset. The 5.1 surround sound, the detachable mic with mute LED, The Tip’N’Control desktop remote are things of beauty and must haves on any headset. Not to mention the extremely comfy ear cups that basically cancel out almost all outside noises and the easy ability to fold them up and carry around, really make this headset outstanding.


As far as overall quality and value go, I have to give this headset a high mark. There were only a few issues that I had with the headset but two of those are minor and for the most part can be fixed easily. Those two issues are that the stock bass levels are just a little bit off and that you can’t have the headset and your 5.1 speaker system plugged into the same card unless you use some small audio-Y cables to rig it up that way. They next two issues I would say are slightly more important but nothing really major. The first is that the Tip’N’Control desktop remote controls the system mute and system volume of your computer, which personally I would rather it just control the headset volume and mute and not touch the systems volume, as I am a person that like to use a 5.1 speaker system along with a headset.

The last and final issue I had is that the headband with the three pads is slanted slightly to far forward and so really only the front part of the pads touch my head, which after a few hours of wearing the headset can start to give you a pain on the top of your head. Usually an adjustment of the placement on the head can fix that for a little while longer though. But those four issues in comparison to all the other extremely well done features of this headset seem more of mute points than major issues. This headset was definitely designed with the gamer in mind and was exceptionally well done. This headset is also very sturdy and durable so that it will definitely stand up to a lot of regular use and won’t break like those cheaply made ones that are out there. This Roccat Kave headset was definitely a joy to use and still will be for many more hours of gaming to come.


  • Detachable mic w/ mute LED
  • Flexible yet sturdy mic
  • Sturdy and durable designed for long term use
  • 5.1 real surround w/ precise directionality
  • Extremely comfortable noise canceling ear cups
  • Tip’N’Control desktop remote w/ level slides and game/movie mode switch


  • Desktop remote controls the system volume and mute and not just the headset’s
  • Headband slanted slightly to far forward




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