Android App Pick - Vehicle Barcode Scanner Lite

Application: Vehicle Barcode Scanner Lite


If you're looking for a different vehicle to take you through the summer, our App Pick this week may be a great way to start your search.  I never knew that there was "Barcode" on vehicles or a way to scan them, but there is now!  The Vehicle Barcode scanner app can read these codes and help you get easy access to extra information using an App on your phone.  This can help you protect you from being scammed and you can find out if there is a legitimate VIN or if the car you're looking to buy is "hot".  

  Vehicle Barcode

The Vehicle Barcode Scanner Lite is pretty simple to use and self-explanatory.  It works pretty similar to any typical barcode scanner app that you would use to scan items.  Follow the on-screen directions and place the crosshairs over the barcode and let it focus.  It's that simple.  If there is no Barcode visible on the outside of your car, you can enter it manually if you don't have access to the inside of the vehicle. 


Once you have scanned the code or entered it successfully, the results screen shows the year, make and VIN.  You can copy or share it to other applications or search for it on the internet so you can get a Carfax or more information.


Get your shop on and find your dream car with the Vehicle Barcode Scanner.

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