MacBook win, Ultrabook fail

Intel has been really pushing their Ultrabooks in the past year or so, however, according to CNET, they just aren't selling like Intel was hoping. The MacBook is still beating all the Ultrabook makers combined and due to the high price tag associated with most ultrabooks it doesn't appear like that will be changing all that quickly. Most ultrabook makers are hoping that Windows 8 will change their fortunes but it looks like this might be more of a price issue than anything else. You can find all the details over at CNET.

Ultrabook numbers will fall far short of Intel's aggressive market share targets, an IDC analyst told CNET. The MacBook Air, meanwhile, continues to coast amid continued popularity.

An IDC report today showed a weak PC market caught in its seventh consecutive quarter of little to no growth.

"The volume isn't there and it's going to be way below what Intel had hoped for," IDC analyst Jay Chou told CNET, referring to ultrabooks.

"The first half [of 2012] is about 500,000 ultrabooks shipped worldwide. It's nowhere near Intel's initial hope," Chou said. Ultrabooks are thin, lightweight Windows laptops that compete with Apple's MacBook Air.