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Application: Draw Something Free


Good day Androiders!  Wherever you may be I'm sure the weather is either keeping you busy or relaxed and hopefully you get some downtime.  Speaking of downtime, just like an artist painting a picture, this week's App Pick will let you do the same with a friend as long as you have a phone, a connection to the internet and Google Play.  If you like Pictionary, here’s something on the go that will keep you guessing.  Draw Something is a fun multiplayer app that can either make your friends laugh with you or at you when playing this pretty fun and epic game!  You don’t have to be an artist to draw something exactly perfect, just be creative and clean to get the picture across!

Draw iPhone
Draw Fish
Draw Mailbox


The popular game Draw Something is a Pictionary-like social game owned by Zynga.  You can play against your Facebook contacts or by email.  If you don’t have Facebook you can still hook up with your buds and draw something.  You start off with a couple colors and bombs, you also get three words to pick from to draw and each round has different words. Whichever word you pick to draw gets you points/coins if the person guesses correctly.  The bombs help eliminate some letters to help narrow it down if you're stuck. 

Draw Bagpipes
Draw Pancake


Usually the higher the coin value the harder the word to draw.  The coins allow you to gather more colors and bombs along the way.  There’s a free and paid version available, if you think your gonna use it more often get the paid version that is ad free!

Draw Something over here this summer!


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If you have any app suggestions you want me to try out just post them in the forum and your choice just might make the app pick of the week!! Enjoy downloading!