Android App Pick - TweekDeck

Application: TweetDeck

When you're in the Google Play store, it can often be like a candy store - you just don't want to get out quickly.  Speaking of candy, I just received the OTA update for Jellybean on my Nexus S!  As I play around with Jellybean I have also been playing in the store and was trying to find an app that can put most my social networks into one feed.  I found something familiar called TweetDeck.  If you’ve used TweetDeck for your computer, you'll be happy to know you can now get this on your Android.  Not only is this an executable app, it also comes with a widget for your home screen.



Tweet Deck for Android isn't too hard to use; simply install it and then start adding your Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare accounts. Your feeds will appear in the home column.  Facebook shows up in blue and twitter in grey/black.  If you swipe the screen you can find your RT (re-tweets) as well as your DM (direct messages) on the next column.  Sending tweets and shout-outs is easy too.  It doesn't integrate with Google+ unfortunately but is still great to keep all your social networks in line and organized.

Chirp on over to TweetDeck!


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