ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse - Installation and Testing

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ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse
Installation and Testing
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ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse: Testing



For comparison sake, and so you can get a general feel for the size of the ROCCAT Savu, I have included a picture of the Logitech G700 and the Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse.

The Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse (which we reviewed here) would be considered a "small" gaming mouse.

The Logitech G700 (more details about it can be found over here) would be considered a "larger" mouse.

As you can see in the picture the ROCCAT Savu fits nicely in between the two. Traditionally I prefer a bit of a larger mouse, but I really didn't have much of a problem adjusting to the ROCCAT Savu, in fact I would say that I almost personally preferred the slightly smaller size.

ROCCAT Savu - Comparison

Weight and Feel:

Normally I don't dedicate a section of my testing results to the weight and feel of a mouse, but in this case I thought it was worthwhile to talk about.

My first impression of the ROCCAT Savu was that is felt very light to me and the thoughts started to run through my mind that maybe this was a "cheap" mouse. After using the Savu for about 5 minutes I quickly changed my thoughts as it was very evident that this mouse is very solid even though it doesn't have much weight to it. After using this mouse for almost a month for everything I do I could easily say that this mouse can take a beating thanks to its great build quality.

Traditionally in the past I have used heavier mice, I am not too sure why, just a personal preference I suppose. The weighting of the Savu at first was a little weird to adjust to for me, but after a couple hours of use it became extremely comfortable to me and especially after prolonged periods of use I found that I was growing increasingly attached to it.

Basically to sum up this section: At first I was a bit hesitant as this mouse was a bit different than what I normally use, but after a couple weeks of use it found a permanent home on my main computer.



Ah yes, the fun part. This section is where I get to play game and pretend that I'm actually doing work.

For my testing of any mouse I put in on my main system and use it for everything. Even though this mouse is a "Gaming Mouse" I want to be able to use it for checking emails and doing other boring work. After a few weeks of usage every day for all sorts of different "office" tasks I found the ROCCAT Savu performed very well and even though it's aimed at gamers, regular desktop tasks are just as easily performed. 

As far as gaming went, the majority of the usage of the ROCCAT Savu gaming mouse was in Diablo 3. Basically Diablo 3 involves a ton of clicking and seemed to be a great test of how well a mouse works. I'm happy to report that after a few weeks gaming I'm more than happy with the feel and performance of the ROCCAT Savu. As I mentioned earlier in this section the Savu was a little different than what I normally use weight-wise and size-wise, but after a couple hours I quickly became very attached to the Savu and found it to be extremely precise as well we extremely comfortable even after a few hours of non-stop gaming.

Overall I must say that I am completely happy with the performance of the ROCCAT Savu, it's very comfortable and very responsive and thanks to all of the customization options you should have no problems customizing this mouse to your liking.