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Included with the ROCCAT Savu gaming mouse is ROCCAT's own mouse customization utility program. You do have to go to ROCCAT's website to get this software which allows you to setup and customize your mouse, which isn't my ideal method of getting software, but after a couple MB download you will be ready to customize this mouse.

ROCCAT Savu - Main Control Menu


As you can see in the picture above, in the main control menu you have a bunch of features that will allow you to setup the feel of your mouse. Everything is very customizable other than the DPI settings. 

When it comes to DPI settings you get 400, 800, 1600, or 4000. If you want 3204 DPI you are outta luck, you can only choose between the 4 preset sensitivities. For 99% of people this won't matter as you can probably get used to one of the 4 sensitivities very easily (I know I did), but if you are an extreme gaming peripheral tweaker you might not be so happy with this.


ROCCAT Savu - Button Assignments

Moving onto the button assignments menu you can see in the button above that you can customize the functions of all the buttons very easily.

As you can see on the right hand side of this menu, the Easy-Shift section will allow you to, with the click of either side button (depending how you set it up), change the button assignments to an alternate function. The idea that you can use every button for two different functions is a great idea and a very efficient use of space on this mouse as you don't have a bunch of annoying little buttons that are impossible to click when in the middle of a game.

My one beef however with this mouse is the fact that I would like one more button on the side of the mouse for me to assign to Easy-Shift.


Good Question, Thanks for asking. 

My personal preference on a mouse is to have two side buttons which during everyday use I can use as forward and back (which I think is a pretty standard anymore). With one of these side buttons being required to be the easy-shift button, if I want easy-shift functionality I need to forfeit either my forward of back button. If I abandon easy-shift capabilities I can then use both buttons on the side for my forward and back buttons. I did eventually setup profiles so during gaming I could use easy-shift, but for everyday use I was hoping to be able to quickly hit easy-shift and then use my #1 and #2 button for windows volume control or some other regular windows tasks, but unfortunately I cannot. This is really my only beef with the mouse which in the grand scheme of things isn't all that major.


ROCCAT Savu - Advanced Controls

The next section is the advanced controls. Biggest feature of this menu is the ability to customize the color of the led strip on the front of your mouse. You've got tons of different options and chances are good you'll never go through every available color (of which there are 16.8 Million available choices).




Now this next section of the software is probably my favorite. Sure overall it might be a little gimicky, but I found it to be a good reason to keep opening up the software to check.

For the first time that I've ever seen, the ROCCAT R.A.D. software keeps track of how much you've been using your mouse, and will even give you an award if you reach certain milestones.

As you can see in the picture above I had already surpassed 370,000 clicks (thanks to a couple hours playing Diablo 3). It's actually very surprising to see just how many clicks per hour you actually do while playing games.  Also interesting to see is how much distance your mouse has covered, in my case I have moved the Savu over 1200 meters. 

As far as the trophies go, I'm really not sure what milestones you have to achieve before they are unlocked, but once you randomly unlock one (like I did when I unlocked "click fanatic") it gives you the opportunity to share them with your friends to show off how awesome you are. I obviously shared them and made all my friends extremely jealous which is almost worth the sticker price of this mouse alone.

While the appeal of this section might wear off over time, I still think it's a pretty cool feature to include and I enjoyed it.