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Product(s): ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse
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Back in January at CES 2012 we were asked to stop by and check out ROCCAT on the show floor. While ROCCAT isn't a new company, my knowledge of their products was quite limited which made for a pleasant surprise when we were shown the new ROCCAT products. One of those products was the ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse which we are lucky enough to have on the test bench today.

ROCCAT makes gaming products and they are pretty proud of that fact. This isn't a mouse that is designed to help you be extra productive when working with spreadsheets, this mouse is designed to give you an edge when playing your favorite game. As we found out in our testing, the ROCCAT Savu is a great mouse for everyday tasks as well but the extra features are aimed at the gamer specifically.

The ROCCAT Savu is a "mid-sized mouse" and features a 4000 dpi sensor. One of the major features of this mouse is the illuminated light bar on the front of the mouse which allows you to pick from 16.8 million different color choices. Also included with the Savu is ROCCAT's software suite which allows you to customize this mouse in a ton of different ways.

Let's move onto the next section and see what the Savu is all about.


First Impressions:


  ROCCAT Savu - Packaging (Front)

  ROCCAT Savu - Packaging (Back)


So as you can see in the pictures below the Savu has the normal two buttons on the top with a scroll wheel (that also can be pressed as a button) as well as two side buttons.

The interesting thing with the side buttons is that they can function as an "Easy-Shift[+]" button which functions kinda like a shift key and when you push it you are able to map your buttons to do different functions. For example, me right mouse button is normally my alternate fire in whatever FPS game I play, however, when I hit the "Easy Shift" button it will then become my button for bringing up the scoreboard. Basically it allows each button to have an alternate use instead of having a whole bunch of extra buttons on your mouse that are almost impossible to use. In the testing section we will cover this feature a bit more.

  ROCCAT Savu - Top View
  ROCCAT Savu - Included Accessories



  ROCCAT Savu - Side View
ROCCAT Savu - Side View


The overall look of the ROCCAT Savu is pretty tame compared to some other mice we've seen in the past. The Matte Black finish is pretty nice and really makes the illuminated color bar on the bottom of the mouse really stands out even more. The sides of the mouse have a bit of a rough finish which makes for easy gripping. The cord of the Savu is braided which helps it not get as tangled.


  ROCCAT Savu - Side View

  ROCCAT Savu - Side View


ROCCAT Savu - Illuminated Color Bar


The illuminated color bar on the front of the mouse is probably the most defining features of this mouse. By using the ROCCAT software that comes with this mouse you will be able to change this to 16.8 Million different colors should you chose. You can also do effects like flashing (or breathing as they call it) and have it change colors automatically. This color bar is pretty neat as you can make it match the color of the lighting of your case and is really an eye catcher and was the first thing people always commented on when I showed them this mouse.

So there we go, that's the ROCCAT Savu, now let's move onto the fun (well, fun for me) part of this review, Testing!