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Final Thoughts:

After reviewing the last two Sennheiser products, my expectations were a little higher than they used to be when it came to German-engineered headphones.  I expected quite a lot and after playing around with the X 320 headset for over a month, I got what I expected - a lot.  The X 320 headset is a pretty solid piece of kit and while it extremely light-weight, it performs like a heavy-weight in games, music, movies and more.

While I'm a pretty decent PC gamer, my expertise at console gaming is limited to Break-Out, or maybe even some Need for Speed.  I played around quite a bit with a lot of different titles and overall, I'm very impressed with the X 320.  The stereo headset may not make you a professional gamer, but it does add a lot more enjoyment to every game I played.  I can play my favorite games late into the night without having to worry about keeping others awake - or experiencing the crappy audio of a TV. 

I'll try to break down my final thoughts about this headset much the same way I did for the PC 360.  This will help me determine a final score for the product.


Audio Quality - This is one of the areas when Sennheiser shines.  The audio quality for games, movies and music is very good.  All of the aspects appear to be quite balanced and while I did turn up the bass in some games, the overall experience and quality didn't require a bass boost - although it helped.

Functionality - The Sennheiser X 320 headset fits great and they are so light and comfortable that I can wear them for hours without discomfort.  Even though they are light, they don't feel too flimsy - albeit they do feel a bit more fragile than the 5XB from SteelSeries.  Those things are a tank.  The X 320 fits well and the microphone mute feels natural.  If I don't want everyone in game to hear me rage, I flip it up and contain my ranting to those in the immediate area.  The in-line control and way the microphone hooks to the controller allow it to be used with any controller than has an multifunction port in the bottom.  This applies to stock controllers as well as other custom controllers from Madcatz, Razer and more.  The only downside to this arrangement is the little cables that hook up to your TV, console and controller.  It makes me feel that I'm tied by an umbilical cord to my machine.

Gaming - Gaming is what these are designed for and gaming is what they do best.  For ~$150 they are a decent value for what you get in terms of quality, features and compatibility.  I love the open design of the ear cups and enjoy that I can hear those around me without tipping up one to hear and thereby losing the in-game audio experience.  The microphone works well for multiplayer games and according to those I queried, sounds great.

Side Profile

Value - The Sennheiser X 320 headset is not the cheapest headset on the market - nor is it the most expensive.  As I mentioned before, it comes in around $150 (at time of publication) and when you compare the audio quality, comfort and compatibility of this headset, it's not a bad buy.  If you don't have the budget for a headset that costs as much as a 4GB Xbox 360 on sale, that's too bad, because these are great.  If Sennheiser to market these at $119 - or if you can find them on sale for that price, the value is excellent.  As it stands, they are a little pricey when compared to the price of the entire console.

Quality - The overall quality of the X 320 headset is above average.  The microphone boom seems to be solid enough and after hundreds of mute flips, it still feels nice and tight and secure.  The overall light weight of the headset can make you feel that the build quality is lacking, but I'm not gentle on stuff like this and they seem to be holding up like a trooper.

At the end of the day the Sennheiser X 320 headset for the Xbox 360 is a pretty solid product and if you have the budget for these I know you won't be disappointed.  They are very comfortable, have great audio quality and plug into non-standard controllers whereas some other ones do not.  These did win our Editor's Choice "Gold" award, but they could use a tweak on the price to really make them stand out.  A $30 price drop would make them more appealing to a larger group of gamers.



  • Excellent comfort
  • Very good audio quality
  • Good build quality
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Works on non-standard Xbox controllers



  • In-line control is not as convenient as on-headset control
  • Lots of wires running to everything
  • A tad on the expensive side




I'd like to thank Sennheiser for letting us take a look at their PC 360 headset.  If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, we'd love to hear it.  Please post it in the forum at the "Comments" link below.