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Application: Google Translate

Good day mate! Hola and Bonjour!  Wherever you're saying hello, most people would respond back in some sort of language. If you don't know how to communicate at all, you're stuck on your travels and clueless to the world you find yourself in, Google now has a great updated translator App!  Google always has a translator online and this has been handy when you're at the computer.  What about when you're more mobile?  You don't often see people walking around with their PC or laptop around the streets.  That's why there's Google Translate - you can put it on your phone or tablet for freeeeee!!

 Google Translate

Even Mr. Bean would appreciate it - especially when he wants to order something tasteful at a restaurant when he's traveling abroad!

Google Translate
Text Translate
Google Translate
Picture Translate

Google Translate takes a bit of time to figure out all of the different ways to use it, but once you play around with it enough you can translate a lot of things.  Instead of carrying a pocket language dictionary everywhere you go and having to flip through pages to put one simple sentence together - hoping you don’t sound like a fool later, you can just pull out your handy dandy Android device!

Google Translate
Text Captured from Image
Google Translate
Capture Speech

There are three ways to use the translator.  You can type it in and the translated words will show up on the screen, or you can say it with voice speech to text.  The newest and niftiest thing is that you can also take a photo of something in a language you do not know and translate. You simply have to line up the word or words in the screen like a bar-code reader, tap the screen and the picture is taken.  The cool thing is you can translate only the text you want by highlighting with your finger.  Only that text will show up on the screen.  Make sure the words that are highlighted are also being underlined as you go.

Don’t be left out, translate your world around you today!


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