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Application: FarmVille Crop Timer Free

Howdy Android users!  We have got another app for ya'll to check out like you have been for the last 46 weeks!  It's  because readers like you keep coming back and showing support that our Android App Pick of the Week is still in business.  As the summer's coming to a close here in Alberta, harvest season is around the corner for some.  This can lead to some down time to play around with some apps while sitting in a truck while getting ready to take a load off the combine and your mind!    

FarmVille Crop Timer Free

Most of you that have Facebook are familiar with FarmVille.  Even if you don't play it, I'm sure you've seen some of your friends that do.  Their FarmVille posts invade your wall every couple of minutes or so.  If you FarmVillle, you probably do the same thing as well.  You can now FarmVille on your Android device using FarmVille Express that will allow you to plant and harvest crops and respond to requests.  Some things are hard to remember to harvest in time and wither, but with the FarmVille Crop Timer you can now get reminders and not worry about withered crops.



I haven’t heard of a Crop Timer app until a while back and thought, "Wow! Now that is handy."  I started off by searching if they had a Farmville App.  I discovered that there wasn't, but this FarmVille timer caught my eye and I've used it ever since. It's simple to use.  Just select the type of crop you had just planted and hit create timer.  It updates quite often and you can now select the farm you are using and adjust the time manually if you need to.  You can "favourite" crops that you use quite often instead of looking through the big list and even delete and reset timers.  With a recent update, they added the ability to search and set timers with your voice!  By just saying the name of the crop you want to set the timer for, you can quickly set timers with your voice.  The app will let you know when your crops are ready by sounding an alarm and even a notification will show up in your notification tray!  It's a great way to be the virtual farmer you always wanted to be!


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