People don't want a Windows Phone

In the weeks leading up to the expected unveiling of the new Windows Phone 8, Bernstein Research has conducted a survey into why the Windows Phone platform isn't selling. Basically they've concluded that people don't want a Windows Phone and despite multiple attempts from multiple companies they just haven't been able to sell them in the quantities that Google and Apple have been able to. This probably isn't what Nokia or Microsoft want to hear but BGR has all the details if you want to hear all about it.

“Our research shows that for many years, poor sales of Windows-based phones stem from a deep and stable lack of consumer interest for the product,” Ferragu wrote. “Despite numerous and repeated efforts of manufacturers (Nokia, but also Samsung  and HTC and Operators to develop an alternative to Android and Apple based on Windows, and despite the launch of numerous phones based on Windows with strong features, reviews and marketing support, the operating system remains cornered to less than 5% market share in smartphones.”