Android App Pick - Granny Smith

Application: Granny Smith

Is it that week already? Yes it is!!  This week is our game app this week and if you love apples and your Grandma - you might be finding yourself saying "Grandma is like whoa!!" If you heard Julian Smith’s video about his love for Grandma, this granny is pretty hardcore!

Granny Smith
Granny Smith


This game is made by the same company that developed Sprinkle (a previous pick).  Grandma is all about jumping around, doing flips and trying to catch those punks who steal her apples!  Some levels are hard to beat, but what would you do to help your grandma?  She can’t make apple pie without apples!

Granny Smith
Granny Smith


The controls of this game are similar to Robot Unicorn/Unicorn Dash. You have two buttons to press. One is to jump and flip your character around and the other button is to grab on ropes and lines to glide on.  You go through every level collecting coins and apples before the kid does (hopefully) all the way to the finish line! If you get to the finish line without any apple’s no biggie, you still pass, just no medal.   You have to complete a level in order to unlock the next one.  You can play as different characters found in the tool shed as well as power ups such as baseballs to break through walls and buildings and other items for traps.

Help Granny Smith catch em all!

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