Hades Acheron A3 Gaming Mousepad

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Hades Acheron A3 Gaming Mousepad
Finish, Texture and Conclusion

Product: Hades Acheron A3 Mousepad
Provided By: Hades Gaming
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 Acheron Tube


Today we'll be taking a look at the Hades Acheron A3 Gaming Mousepad. Hades was established in September 2006 in Taiwan and from the beginning their main goal was to make high quality gaming mice and mousepads. Hades is known for their rigorous testing by gamers and using their feedback to improve the product before its release.

Pad Layout
Pad Layout



The features and specifications have been pulled from the Hades-Gaming website and translated from Chinese.  They may sound a little off, but you get the idea.

  • Testing by Intertek wear-resistant, ultra-durable, not easily damaged
  • Special treatment of surface material, precise positioning, and never drift
  • Environmental silicone substrate, moderate hardness, desktop adhesion great
  • Demand for professional players game design, surface non-directional
  • The original patent Mouse Pad Hemming, without leaving cut marks, texture
  • Aging is not easy, not easy to come unglued, durable good cleaning




  • Surface Material: special patented knitting
  • Sole material: environmental protection silicone
  • Product size: 500 X 400 (mm)
  • Product thickness: 3 (mm)
  • Patent Protect
  • Made in Taiwan



I played many, many hours of Call Of Duty: Black Ops with Hades Acheron A3 and I loved every minute of it. Moving the mouse on the surface feels incredibly smooth and the movements feel precise. No matter how intense the gaming got, the Acheron A3 stayed in place almost as if it was glued down to my desktop. This is a huge plus plus for hardcore gamers. Even if all you do is general internet surfing, it is equally as smooth and enjoyable.

The Hades Acheron A3 Gaming Mousepad is quite large. Measuring 500mmx400mmx3mm. Being this large, the Acheron A3 can be used in any application and DPI mouse setting; you will not run out room.

I spend a lot of time on the computer surfing around and gaming. So, naturally I have drinks on my desk. I think you know where this going...I decided to pour some water in the center of the pad to see how long it would take to soak in. After 20 minutes I gave up because the water did not soak in at all. It just floated on top and wiped off completely dry.

On the next page, we'll take a look at the finish, texture and draw some final conclusions.