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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

ASUS Radeon X800XT Platinum

Hardware Avenue gets their game on and takes a look at the big dog from ASUS. They take a look at the fastest ATi card currently on the planet. I'm sure that more will be coming, but they're not quite here yet. Take a read and see what $800CDN can get you in terms of video processing power.

"Overclocking the highest of highend videocards is never usually very successful, and unfortunately this can be said for the ASUS X800XT. From a default clock of 520/560 MHz, we could only manage 535/569MHz before screen artifacts showed up, which doesn't warrant any significant speed increase worth noting. If you want a card to overclock, the X800XT generally isn't it - from our HIS X800Pro review it seems the cheaper X800Pro has much more overclocking potential so for the people out there looking to save some money and squeeze as much performance out of the product as they can, you should probably stick with the X800Pro, the X800XT is very much designed for top performance out of the box with very little overclocking headroom."