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Application: YouTube Remote

Welcome my Android App readers!  Holy Snap! It is week 52 for App Pick and this marks a year of App Picks at BCCHardware!  It's pretty awesome to look back and see the entire year worth of apps I've written about.  This is getting to you guys and gals late, but BCCHardware was going under construction and I wanted to put some thought into a great App to celebrate a year.  YouTube Remote is my pick of the week and it blew my mind away!!  I’ve never herd of an App like this, until it was suggested to check it out from someone at BCC.  If you have WiFi, go ahead and listen, watch and share!  It's a great way to do share your favorite YouTube videos, pull a few pranks, and as well as putting the potato back in the couch!

Phone Controls

Phone Controls


I think YouTube Remote makes the big one for week 52 for a few reasons.  After trying it out I can see how fun, interesting as well as handy this app is.  Load up the app and then go to to set it up.  This will require some keyboard and mouse setup  as you go to "My YouTube" in the on your YouTube profile page.  It will give you directions to go to with a code to fill in to get authorized. 



Video Info

Go back to lean back and click on your YouTube channel to watch and scroll down to pair under settings to pair your device. On your device hit your soft keys to pull up something that says screens to input the pairing code and then name your screen. Add screen and then play away!  Choose your videos you want to listen to, add and remove video’s to the playlist tray, view information about videos by hitting the white lined square with an arrow.  You can like and share videos as well as pause and play, skip to the next video or back in your playlist tray all by using your phone or tablet.


Leanback and chillax and be in charge of the screen for once with YouTube Remote!

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If you have any suggestions you want me to try out, please post them in the fourm and your choice just might make the App Pick of the Week!  Enjoy downloading!