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Edifier Bric Bluetooth Speaker Dock
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Closer Look:

The Edifier Bric Portable Bluetooth Docking Speaker System is pretty straightforward and simple to use.  As we showed on the previous page, there is a remote included with the Bric that works for both iPod/iPhone devices as well as compatible Bluetooth-connected devices.  If you are an Apple user, simply swing out the dock connector at the bottom, drop in your device and you're good to go.

 Dock With Remote

The device can be plugged into the wall or powered by six "AA" sized batteries.  There is no charging circutry in the device so you'll have to charge your own batteries or use non-rechargeable batteries at your own expense.

Bottom Battery Door

This BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery) idea helps keep the cost of the Bric down, and probably helps them require less certification, but it does mean there will be some after-sales cost to operating the Bric.  This isn't necessarily a downside if you are a happy owner of a bunch of rechargeable batteries (I am.  I have lots for Nikon SB-900 flashes), but it does mean that you should be aware, that you don't simply unplug the unit and run with it.


The overall fit and finish of the Bric iF300BT is pretty sweet.  The pictures below show off the looks and finish of the device.


Power Buttons Sound Hole Top Profile

General Usage & Testing:

This speaker dock has three ways to connect with your favorite audio source and all of them work well.  The Apple dock connector works as advertised and makes a simple connection with pretty much any Apple product we had laying around.  When connected the remote can be used to skip/rewind/power/adjust volume and more.  It performed exactly as advertised.


I connected the dock to my Samsung Nexus S and the ASUS Nexus 7 tablet and both of these worked very well also.  There were no issues and the remote also functioned with these products seemlessly as well.


The iF330BT states that it has a total power output of 6W x 2 (12W) and while that may not seem like much, we tested this at BCCHQ South and used our trusty Sound Pressure Level meter and discovered that this little speaker can "pump" out music ~97dbi.  While this won't make you deaf, or disturb your neighbors too much, it is very acceptable and is more than adequate music playback.

The audio quality is not too bad - and for a sub $100 dock, it's actually very good.  The Bric has a pair of 2.75-in (70mm) drivers that provides pretty decent all-around audio.  The audio is pretty well balanced and while bass-heavy pop music sounds a bit on the "thin" side, the overall quality is still pretty decent.  Instrumental music sounded absolutely excellent on the Bric and I enjoyed a few pure piano tracks while taking a listen through these speakers.  Vocals and treble-heavy tracks sounded excellent on this dock as well.
Over the time that I've been using the iF330BT, I used them to listen to a few Audible books and I've been very happy with spoken word quality through these as well.  Sometimes, voices can sound muffled, but the Bric shines here as well.
When it comes to pop music or some bass-heavy tracks, the audio does feel a bit weak.  That being said, they sound significantly better than the Edifier Sound to Go or even the Logitech S315i which I've had around the place for a while.  Really, for a >$100 dock, they sound very good.  In their price range and market segment, these will hold up very well.