Edifier Bric Bluetooth Speaker Dock - Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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Edifier Bric Bluetooth Speaker Dock
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The Edifier iF330BT is a great little dock that offers good sound, lots of features and a trio of connectivity options.  Whether you hook up via Bluetooth or the dock connector, the included remote gives you some greater flexibility and access to skip to your favorite track or to adjust volume without crossing the room.
The Bric can fill a room with sound too.  The overall quality rates very high for a sub $100 dock in my book and it's been better than a few of the docks I've had in the past.  While it certainly won't hurt your ears in a decent-sized room, it is loud enough for casual listening and the best thing about it is that it is clear, crisp and doesn't distort when at medium-high volumes.
As previously mentioned, the audio performance is very good - not great in evry situation, but more than adequate.  Bass quality is probably the weakest link on the device, but with a pair of 70mm drivers, it is still pretty decent - again - for such an affordable audio dock.  The Bric sounds clean and is able to keep distortion under control at all but the loudest volume levels.
The value of these speakers is where they really shine.  What they lack in high-end performance, they make up in price.  You should be able to pick these up online for ~$80 pretty easily and for that price, they really add value to your media devices.  They work with almost all Bluetooth devices and every Apple product we tried on them.
I still would like to see a battery-enabled set, but I know that would push the price up to where they would lose some value.  At under $100 the Bric is a great dock - and works with Android through the Bluetooth connection.
  • Good sound
  • Lots of connectivitiy options
  • Great value 
  • Uses "AA" batteries as there is no built-in battery
In the end, there isn't much to complain about.  I can happily recommend these to anyone that wants docking and wireless connectivity to their music devices.  The Edifier Bric is a very good choice and should be seriously considered if you are shoping for a speaker dock under $100.
I'd like to thank Edifier for sending these our way for a review.  Please feel free to comment in the forum at the link below.