LG Nexus 4 Review

Last week, Jason posted about the rumored LG Nexus 4 device and we didn't know much about it then.  Now, a site in Belarus has posted a review of this device.  The hardware is not finalized of course and this could be an early prototype, but it's fun to see if this in fact could be the next Nexus.  I really hope not.  I liked the way Samsung did the Galaxy Nexus and hope they get a chance to do something like that again.  Check out the review (translated) at Onliner.

That the new Nexus is manufactured by LG, we have no doubt. According to rumors, this year, Google may go to an entirely new strategy, with the support of not one but several manufacturers. Maybe so, but so far there is only accurate information about one model - LG E960, also known by the code name of Mako.

Nexus 4