Android App Pick - TeamSpeak 3

Application: TeamSpeak 3

Good day fellow gamers and internet chatters!  We are excited to bring you another Android App Pick of the week and are happy to present TeamSpeak 3.  If you’re a gamer and you often have buddies that you like to keep in touch with you can try out this weeks App Pick.  Instead of always having to use your PC for TeamSpeak, you can take it with you on the go.

TDR Setup

BCC Setup
This app is easy to use as you can create bookmarks to all your favorite TS servers.  Choose the “Bookmarks” button and then touch “new” to create a shortcut to a server you often connect to.  Once you enter all the relevant information including server address, server name, passwords and nickname, you hit save and you’re good to go.  If you want to change your details, you have the option to change any information in case you made a mistake.  Once you’re connected, you can switch between channels.  Unlike the PC version where it can be voice activated, the Android client is only push-to-talk.  That way you won’t accidentally say something or have other hear something that you don’t want them to hear (eg. Target Bathroom).  


The best quality is over a good 3G connection.  The quality is pretty good, but there is a bit of a delay when compared to the PC client.  This is not best for tournament games, but if you’re having fun and not being super serious, TeamSpeak 3 for Android is a great portable app to help you have a mini-LAN party on the road.
Plan your teams strategy while on the go with TeamSpeak 3!
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