Halo 4. Good or Bad?

If you’re a big fan of the Halo series, or have been wondering about Halo 4 or maybe have been counting down for launch day, this may be the article for you!  If you're trying to look for spoilers for Halo 4 this article says don't!  Nothing is bad, but they’re saying don’t let people send you updates to spoil the surprises that are in the game, if you want to keep it a surprise.  I guess the developers want to keep you on  the edge of your seat as you play.  Also there is a pirated copy floating around loose in the cyber world and Microsoft has served notice.  Don't play it or you will be banned.  Check out what IGN has to say!

In the meantime, if you need your fix, IGN is running Halo 4 map tours with 343 Industries' lead multiplayer map designer Kynan Pearson every Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to learn all about Halo 4's new multiplayer maps before joining the competition when it releases on November 6.